Lines of Credit

For ongoing purchases or changing borrowing needs, a Line of Credit may be the right choice for you.  Plus, a Line of Credit is reusable, meaning you can access any portion of the approved funds at any time. 

•    Personal Lines of Credit
•    Emergency Funds
•    Investment

Sometimes situations crop up that your overdraft just won't cover. At the same time, a Home Equity Line of Credit is more than you may need. 

With a Line of Credit you only pay for what you use.

A Line of Credit offers:

  • Convenience & Flexibility
  • Funds at your fingertips for any purpose & at any time
  • A Short-Term Credit Solution

With a Line of Credit:

  • An unsecured option is available on OAC
  • Interest charged on ONLY the portion you use
  • Payments can be as low as interest-only
  • Life, Disability & Critical Illness insurance are available